juli 2016

Dear American Friends

American Constitution with US Flag. Focus on document with stars and stripes in background.

On November 8th you will once again decide what kind of world we will live in for the coming years. The sheer magnitude of the power of the President of the USA resonates all through the world. 

In many of your elections, and make no mistake the election and choice is yours, the outcome has significantly affected lives of people all over the world. 

When Nixon won in 1972 the war in Vietnam continued longer than it should have, and when Roosevelt won in 1940 the world was saved from fascism and japanese imperialism. Reagan had a significant impact on the fall of the soviet bloc, and George W. Bush led the world into a world of us against them. 

Maybe some of it was circumstances, maybe some of their choices were not choices at all. But the men in power had their say of how, when and what not only for the United States of America, but also the rest of the world.

Once again the world awaits your choice. We are on a brink of a buildup of a new Russian power in the world. Totalitarian leaders are crawling back into the spotlight, and the growing force of terrorist groups are felt all over the world. 

Your choice of either a diplomat or a gun-slinging cowboy will impact us. The rest of the world. 

We know of your domestic issues. For some of us, like Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, your healthcare-squabbling is almost impossible to understand since we live in countries with government sponsored healthcare which we pay for through our taxes. For other countries, like Iran and Saudi-Arabia, they perfectly understand why some of you want to ban abortions and same-sex marriage. And there are many countries that have civil wars that understand why you need assault rifles to protect your homes. 

Your domestic issues are yours, and of course some of us can point to that a country where all men are created equal should maybe try to make that equality more, well, real, that is for you to decide. It's your country.

And make no mistake. We really like you.

We love your Google, your Apple, your Tesla, your Microsoft, your Coca-Cola, your Marvel, your Star Wars, your HBO and your Netflix. And, boy, you're quite friendly. At least a lot of you.

But we also love our own homes, and our own countries. We do not want to live in a world where we have to be afraid of world wars, or that you - the USA - will have a president that will use atom bombs. It's scary enough to have nightmares of North Korea where you also have a leader that hates press freedom, or countries where women are looked upon negatively because of their sex. 

Your choice is yours to make, in the country where you hold many truths to be self-evident. Just remember if you ban muslims coming from countries with a lot of terrorism you have to do what Michael Jackson once said: Take a look at the Man in the Mirror. Your country has a lot of what we in the rest of the world would classify as terror, and it's not based on religion. And if you say no and goodbye to NATO you're basically saying to your closest friends that you cannot be trusted. 

It takes sadly more than 140 characters to perfectly articulate how scared we are.

It's almost like when your cool uncle suddenly transforms into something sinister, or that friendly dog really is biting. 

And we know, nobody likes to be told what to do. That's why we won't. We're just telling you that we trust you to not let the world down. And, you know, by casting your vote for one of the candidates in the election you can tell your grandchildren that you were part of making history in the US. How cool is that? And. no, we're not talking about the grumpy man. Not that we are telling you what to do. 

It's your country. Your choice.

And it's our world.